Dawn of Titans

Dawn of Titans

By NaturalMotion

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2016-12-07
  • Current Version: 1.20.9
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 1.00 GB
  • Developer: NaturalMotion
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    4.5/5 ( 31,313 App Reviews)
  • Price:
Dawn of Titans App Ratings: 4.5
Based on 31,313 App Reviews

Dawn of Titans App Details

Selected App Store EDITORS’ CHOICE, Dawn of Titans showcases the BEST graphics on mobile! Battle COLOSSAL TITANS and THOUSANDS OF WARRIORS in monumental wars, all under your CONTROL. CAPTURE enemy lands, grow your ARMY, and come to FIGHT, because in Dawn of Titans you either GO BIG or you GO HOME! Join your friends and PLAY FOR FREE! In the most massive ACTION-STRATEGY game on mobile! ---------- Dawn of Titans begins a new era for Action Strategy, with console-quality graphics and ultra-addictive gameplay. Key Features: Console-Quality Graphics · Build your kingdom and fight enemies in a stunning 3D fantasy world. Dominate with Massive Titans · Equip colossal warriors with powerful gear and lead them into epic PvP battles. Real-Time Battle Control · Go to war with thousands of troops, all under your direct control. Nonstop Events & Campaigns · Remember to check back for daily quests, unique campaigns, and alliance events. Forge an Unstoppable Alliance · Unite with friends to strategize in real-time MMO chat and dominate other kingdoms. Build the Ultimate Kingdom · Clash against the masses, to capture land and rise up the world ranks. ---------- Data connection required to play. Dawn of Titans is published by NaturalMotion Games Additional information: The game is free to play; however, in-app purchases are available for additional content and in-game currency. In-app purchases range from $0.99 to $99.99 USD. Use of this application is governed by the Zynga Terms of Service, found at http://m.zynga.com/legal/terms-of-service. Collection and use of personal data are subject to Zynga’s Privacy Policy, found at http://www.zynga.com/privacy/policy. The game will request access to Photos for purposes of Customer Service support. If you do not grant that permission, you will not be able to send us screenshots to help resolve any issues you might encounter. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dawnoftitansofficial/


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Dawn of Titans App Reviews

  • From Emily Rodriguez

    By emily master
    This game is so fun and exciting it brings a smile to my face every time I win I don’t know what I would do without this game
  • Don’t play

    By Rafa1418
    For all new players don’t start playing because is impossible to get anywhere from the top players this game is a ripoff stay away before you and others get caught in this never ending cycle!!
  • Good games aren’t free. This is a great game

    By Dannyboy2016
    I live in a major city and I have only ever had very minor server errors with this game. Never on the level others speak of. Sounds like most people blame them for server errors when they just have bad internet service and live in areas that can’t handle higher levels of people being online at the same time. That’s why they have “server issues” blame “your”internet provider for this issue not DOT. Game works just fine for me and I live in a city with over 2.5 million. The City’s and Company’s within the city have to have the ability to provide everyone with fast internet no matter the time of day and no matter the amount of people. Also I have heard people say that Dot won’t “let” you play unless you spend more than $40 a week. That is funny cuz I don’t spend any money for a couple weeks at a time then maybe drop $20-$30 for the week then another two week break and I NEVER have had server issues. The game itself is the best war strategy game on iOS period. The other strategy games on iOS are just for kids and people that can’t spend any extra on games. The game had flaws like ALL games. The only real way to get high level titans is to spend$ fighting to finish events. The other ways they offer high level titans is based on luck and your chances of getting one are next to zero. So spend money fighting or don’t play.
  • Great graphics but micro-transactions kill appeal

    By Makeeasier2use
    Update from my earlier review: Outstanding game graphics and interface still holds true. The complaint (and update): It's an incredibly ridiculously slow grind. The micro-transactions are a JOKE! Think about games on desktop or console: Shelling out $69 for Skyrim gives you everything you need for advancing and exploring and unlocking all the cool features of the game. With Dawn of Titans, you can drop $100 in a week and make zero progress. The weekly events are a scam. I’m not opposed to the micro-transaction “freemium” game experience on mobile. But games like Clash of Clans and others at least make it more equitable in the spend/grind ratio. This game grind/spend ratio is way out of whack. I especially like how easy it was to join an alliance and begin collecting PVP rating and items. I also like the PVP system over other games where you can select your own targets to attack vs. other games (like COC) that limit your targets.
  • How about some fairness....

    By Spdemon68
    It’s gets pretty old after the third or fourth time the same player that’s 2-3 levels above you attacks you. Yes a shield comes up if you attack the main camp but you can still be attached repeatedly by the same player.
  • Great game, CROOKED DEVELOPERS! Don’t waste your time and money!

    By Dirtydirtysworld
    I’ll start out with the pros first since I like to focus on the positive. This game is beautiful, is fun to play. They did a really good job on this engine for mobile platform devices. That being said, that is the only positive things I have. Do not expect to go far in this game or level up without spending an exorbitant amount of money. I just started playing this game two months ago and have already gone through way too much money. I won’t say how much but my bank account humbled me and I am most likely going to stop playing. The whole game is rigged to make money off you at every turn. You have to buy Gems in order to play. When you start getting a higher level, like when your castle is at level 13 The buildings take longer to upgrade like several days. If you want to finish and get the available perks for upgrading a castle or a building it will cost you Gems. In order to play in multiplayer a.k.a. alliances you need to have what they call portal stones. Once you run out of those you have to pay more Gems. If you need troops fast you have to pay more Gems. You still with me? It gets better, that’s the small part. Now bear with me and read all of this cause this concerns you if your thinking of playing this game. In order for you to make a big difference in this game you have to have powerful Titans and relics to get ahead and defend yourself. The only relics and Titans that make a difference is three and four star Titans. You can win a four star titan at what they call an event but not without spending $50-$60 on event relics. And that’s once a week. Now what you get for that is several relics and Titans and a four star Titan. But all at level one, four star titans aren’t really worth anything until they get to level 30. And believe me I have tried to Level mine up and it is taking forever. To level up a four star Titan it takes over a month. At least. The only way to get a higher level four star titan is by chance in the temple which is their store. The whole thing is designed to fail I’ve already spent several times $20 to get a 15 to 40 level titan and got crap in return. The other way to get a high-level for star titan is to play an event and spend not $50 or $60 on Event relics but hundreds maybe even thousands. Breaks down like this they have Gems in packages: $4.99 for 2000 Gems $9.99 for 4500 Gems $14.99 for 7000 Gems $19.99 for 10,000 Gems $49.99 for 27,000 Gems and $99.99 for 60,000 Gems Event relics get you “souls” which if you get a certain number of “souls” you get rewards. Like at the end of the event you get a 4 star Titan. At level 1. (Worthless) To get the same four star Titan at level 10 you are going to end up spending over a $100 in event relics “soul boosters”. I am in an event right now and I’ve already spent about $150 and I am only in the top 50. There is a guy that is in the top spot which is number one and he has over 200,000 souls. Well in layman‘s terms that must’ve cost him over $1000 in Gems to achieve. That is insane! What some of these players are paying to play this game is insane! And this is just on a mobile platform. These aren’t even top of the line PS 4 games. Which only cost $60-$70 once! I tried to make a purchase today for just 2000 gems At $4.99 and it told me that this item is no longer available at this time. I thought to myself “Hmm, I wonder if this is rigged as well” so I made a purchase of 4500 gems I at $9.99 and it went through. I took a snapshot of that with my iPhone and sent it in a message for troubleshooting. They told me that it was Apple and that I need to contact them. I call bulls*^%! The developers of this game, the people that are making the decisions are extremely crooked. They do not care about their customer base they’re only in it for themselves. With the money that we are paying to play this game they could take care of us much better but it is way more of a one-way street here. In short, if you don’t mind spending the money that I just mentioned then go right ahead. This game is for you. But for the rest of us it was a bad deal that does not benefit you at all. Real good example: I was interested in buying this house once and the guy wanted $70,000 more than it was worth. I told him that was out rages and I would never pay that much for that type of house. He said to me “SOMEONE WILL”

    By Are you flipping serious
    I Was gonna get a new titan but I clicked the alter instead plz give me back the 2000 diamonds I lost I bought the starter pack
  • Awesome game

    By palvacort
    Best game I’ve played on my phone ever!

    By Sea Moose 1979
    If you want to try this game, more power to ya. But do not waste your money on in-game purchases. At some point in the future, bugs will gradually compound... eventually rendering the game maddeningly unplayable. Their tech support won’t help you and you will regret spending your hard-earned dollars on gems. Trust me.

    By Surge2121
    I spent right around a $1000 on this game. My new phone lost the old game and after spending over a month trying to figure how to get it back or have them give me gems to get back to where I was I am giving up. They have been super unhelpful I sent all of my purchases to them. But they say it’s not enough and I have to send email receipts to them. This was over a year ago. I don’t have those obviously. They seem to be making it harder every time I get close to giving them what they need to get my gems so I can play again. I have given up and I am pursuing this legally. DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME I am out $1000 and they don’t care at all