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  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2014-06-08
  • Current Version: 3.21.15
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 75.90 MB
  • Developer: XtraMath
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    2.5/5 ( 749 App Reviews)
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XtraMath App Ratings: 2.5
Based on 749 App Reviews

XtraMath App Details

XtraMath helps your child master the basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts that are the building blocks of your child's math education. Recalling the basic arithmetic facts quickly and easily is essential for success with fractions, decimals, and multi-digit algorithms. It also frees up mental resources for more complex problem solving.   XtraMath student activities are simple and straightforward and take only a few minutes each day. The program uses sophisticated methods to present your child with the right problem at the right time to maximize the effectiveness of practice. Students earn a certificate of achievement when they complete an operation. You will receive a weekly progress report in e-mail. The report shows how well your child knows their math facts and the progress they are making toward mastery. More detailed reports can be accessed via the web at any time.   XtraMath has been used by millions of students around the world. Many teachers choose XtraMath to supplement their regular math curriculum in the classroom. Parents and teachers like the fact that XtraMath is a non-profit and does not display any advertising to students. Math facts are the building blocks of your child’s math eduction and your child will be well-rewarded for the time they spend practicing on XtraMath.


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XtraMath App Reviews

  • Not the best, not the worst

    By Parent5234
    My son’s 3rd grade teacher uses this app to assist with memorizing the multiplication tables. The app seems to focus on answering math questions quickly. I have never understood why doing math quickly is important unless you are trying to calculate the trajectory of an incoming missile and that is what computers are for because I’d love to see people working that out in their heads. Anyways, I have emphasized with him to ignore the timer and focus on the problem. As he learns he naturally gets quicker whether the timer is there or not. I suppose teaching kids to ignore outside pressures and distractions and just get things done is life skill in itself. There are a couple of body language expressions the “teacher” makes when he gets things wrong that make him think the “teacher” is mad at him which does not seem conducive to learning but I reminded him it’s not his real teacher it’s just a character in an app. Overall, it’s not the best math app I’ve seen, and I kinda feel it’s unnecessary for what my son’s teacher is using it for, but I’ve seen worse ones.
  • Never buy this!!!!!

    By Funnyfish4212
    So stressful never buy I CANt speak poperly!!!I Want too cers!!! I’m better at riting it then usin th ap!!!!
  • This game seems like a poo

    By this is a poo game
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  • Awesome!

    By jrprugger
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I love this!! My, just barely turned 5 years old, daughter just graduated the first level for addition - thanks to this app!!!!
  • Stressful

    By jshdyvd
    My daughter has used this app for three weeks and she appears to do worse every time. The pressure and stress of time pushes her to anxiety. To a 3rd grader who is not use to even using a calculator, the inverted number pad causes delays in response as she spends time looking for the numbers that are not in their natural order as she knows them. Second, while understanding the importance of rapid recall of math facts, a little more time should be given before an answer is marked wrong. Third, the racing the teacher aspect places more pressure as the guy in the side makes motions of “why don’t you know this” when an incorrect answer is given. There is a lot of improvements needed on this app and there should be other activities to gauge progress than repeated timed stressful testing. Learning should be fun, not stressful. While I am leaving a comment here that hopefully will spark more development of this app, I will also be commenting to my daughters school to discourage any further use of this app. This is a huge confidence deflator.
  • Great to learn basic +-*/ facts

    By 710 Skyline
    It’s adaptive and this helps kids be comfortable while they learn. It’s not too hard and not too easy. Also, there are no unnecessary taps, great UI.
  • A good app to re-enforce math skills.

    By child is doing better
    This is a great app to help your child remember their math equations. No it is not easy, and it can take some children a lot of time to get good at it. But when they are done they will have a better memory and handle on their math.
  • An excellent resource

    By Tairaesias
    I typically don’t write reviews but feel compelled to in this case. Our daughter (now 9 years old and a rising 4th grader) was directed to this app in 2nd grade through her school teacher. In the beginning it was a chore for her. Parents and children should know that progress is incremental and it takes a while to finish each unit. But my daughter persisted and when she saw she was close to completing the addition unit, she became independently motivated to sign in each day and was delighted to get her achievement certificate at the end. A similar pattern has continued since then: she started off slowly in the subtraction and multiplication units, somewhat daunted by the task of filling in all her green squares, but then after a few months of sporadic use, she saw she was near the end and powered through in the last month. Seeing the graphs of her progress provided her with visual confirmation that she was improving. And conversely, she could see in the months when she didn’t practice that her score was flatlining. She just received her multiplication certificate yesterday (I’ve printed them out and she has hung them proudly above her bedside table) and has already started the division unit. This is an excellent resource, not just for getting kids to learn basic math facts, but as other reviewers have noted, in teaching them the value of persistence and the old adage that practice makes perfect. Your child won’t of course learn the concept of multiplication, division, etc. but if they grasp those concepts elsewhere (in class or at home) this provides them with superb exercises to sharpen their mathematical abilities. The exercises can be grueling, especially at the beginning, but all of them can be completed in less than 10 minutes. Think of the process as comparable to achieving physical fitness, which similarly requires effort and some pain. I think of Xtra Math doing the same thing for mental fitness. And at no charge! A big thanks to the developers of this app for providing such a superb tool for children.
  • Give it a chance

    By Complements go around
    I thought when I started this at school that this was terrible, but when u give it a chance, you feel accomplished. I was the first girl to get to division. Whoever doesn't like it, try again!
  • This app taught my kids Math!

    By Rich-Barrington
    Our school brought xtramath to us and she learned her basic math. When my next child came, the school changed their progam but we were so happy with xtramath, we got the xtramath for him separately. Now he has learned his basic math skills. This is not a game, it is homework, so sometimes we have to push a little, but they love the completion certificates! We love this app and constantly recommend it, even back to our teachers who agree with us! It's a free app but now I need to send some thank you money!