LogTen Pro

LogTen Pro

By Coradine Aviation Systems

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2014-10-16
  • Current Version: 8.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 43.71 MB
  • Developer: Coradine Aviation Systems
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.13 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    2/5 ( 249 App Reviews)
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LogTen Pro App Ratings: 2
Based on 249 App Reviews

LogTen Pro App Details

Welcome to LogTen Pro, the world’s most advanced pilot logbook. Download it today and experience the power of the first and only pilot logbook designed specifically for macOS with full support for iCloud Drive: - Free while in training, or just try it out: no subscription required until you have more than 250 hours of total flight time  - Import data from CSV and tab delimited text files – our fantastic support staff will help you make the transfer of data efficient and easy  - Import airline schedules  - Choose from over 100 built in reports or create your own custom reports - Configure your own Smart Groups to analyze your time in any way you want  - Instantly edit large blocks of flights all at once  - Apply specific times to selected ranges of flights (e.g. Select all the C172 flights and log dual received with one click) **For the All New Radar Tab with Plan and Analyze views plus our unique new Dynamic Time Loupe™ and Fly Now quick entry features, upgrade to Pro and get LogTen Pro for iOS on your iPhone, iPad or iPod.** LogTen Pro is the leading international pilot logbook platform for all your Apple devices. It is the tool of choice for tens of thousands of pilots in nearly 200 countries, and every major airline. From glider pilots to Gulfstream pilots, and from Apache pilots to airline pilots, whether you've got 10 hours or 10,000, LogTen Pro is designed to be completely customizable for your type of flying, country, region or company so you can track exactly what you need. LogTen Pro on your Mac gives you unmatched capabilities, wherever you are – Add, review and update Flights, Aircraft, Aircraft Types, Places, Trips, People and Certificates. Generate and print incredible reports from basic summaries to complete logbooks. Use LogTen Pro’s powerful smart groups to track virtually any currency or limit, and filter your flights based on any criteria. You can track anything about your flying, from how much tailwheel time you have to when the last time Joe Smith was the relief pilot on your Dubai trip.  LogTen Pro includes over 100 built-in reports for everything from applying for a job on airlineapps.com, to printing full paper logbooks in dozens of formats from around the world. Subscription Information: As part of our goal to help more pilots succeed, we offer the LogTen Pro service completely free until you have logged more than 250 hours of total time! This means most pilots don't need a subscription until they're well on their way to a commercial pilot's license. An annual, or monthly subscription to the LogTen Pro Service provides access to Coradine's professional system for managing all your flights, duties, and certificates, the ability to add unlimited new entries, and effortlessly sync your logbook between all your devices. You always get updates, and you always get full access to your data, where you can view, edit, generate reports, export, and print. Price may vary by location (see pricing under Top in App Purchases, or right in the App in the Store section of Settings). Your subscription will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account and will automatically renew 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription period, unless auto-renew is disabled beforehand. Subscriptions may be managed and auto-renewal may be disabled by going to your iTunes account settings after purchase. A subscription cannot be cancelled during the active subscription period. --- Privacy Policy: https://coradine.com/privacy-policy Terms of Service: https://coradine.com/terms-of-service


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LogTen Pro App Reviews

  • Long time user.... not anymore

    By Astar Driver
    I think I've purchased the software twice and now they want $130/year. Laughable. Switched to Foreflight, no brainer.
  • Caution!

    By JPalfred
    In 2015 I purchased a THREE-YEAR subscription for $129. At renewal this year, I discovered it is now ONE YEAR for the same $129... Really? Tripling the price? To me this signals they are low on cash or just plain greedy. I will not be renewing. Look at the latest reviews! If I was a new pilot looking for a logbook, I would steer clear. Couple that with the way people are leaving this app, I would be surprised if LogTen is around a couple years from now. Subscriber beware.
  • Beauty is only skin deep

    By B Futt
    I've been using LTP for 12 years. Unfortunately, that says more about me being a creature of habit than it does about this software. The logbook has been with me through my intiial training, time building, and both seats across two airlines, and I've never been able to properly recommend it as a truly streamlined solution. What I tell people is that I keep using it only because I have been using it for so long and I have my own convoluted workflow. Unfortunately, I can only recommend LTP to pilots who like being intimidated by an unnecessary amount of unchangeable options and unreliable syncing, and who find value in a piece of software that looks nice but is ultimately an expensive spreadsheet. I have always been overwhelmed by the sheer number of similar-but-different options for logging flight time, duty time, landings, crewmembers, "operations" (whatever that is). It invites disorganization and over-specification that can end up producing very large errors if the pilot forgets to tick a certain box and then attempts to calculate a report or a total. Configuring the desktop version is a feat. The columns will go on forever and the order will be disheveled unless one checks boxes in a very particular order. Yet you can not customize the columns in exported reports. The development team clearly put a lot of thought into anticipating every possible need and outcome, and I suppose that alone justifies the cost. But no end user will ever use more than a fraction of the possible options - having a Chilean logbook exporter is very impressive but not a good example of capability. It would be much more straightforward to just allow the user to define everything. The present form is very aesthetically frustrating for me. Always has been. That's all to say nothing of FAR 117. Yes, the program is capable of displaying the limits. Sort of. But you have to set it up yourself after poring over lengthy tutorials that explain how to force the logic into customized "smart groups" that are still dependent on your selection of the right kinds of operations. As someone who has spent over $1,000 on this program, I am very frustrated over the ostensible lack of actual programming. I would consider it a much better value if I were able to download a pre-designed template from the good people at Coradine, one that would automatically configure the entire logbook as required for compliance. I challenge anyone to suggest that the LTP approach is less susceptible to errors than the products offered by their competition. Because, from my perspective, it certainly does not accomplish anything worthy of being called a "new feature". It's possible that my brain is too small for this program and my thoughts are unjustified. I certainly feel like that is a possibility since I've been paying for it for over a decade.
  • Great App

    By 320 Driver
    I am a proffesional pilot currently working for one of the big 3 airlines. I have used this app since 2007 and I love it. The ability to update my airline apps in a matter of minutes, fill out a new 8710, honestly update by medex app, and create a proffesional looking logbook is well worth the fees they charge. If your goal is to have the best looking logbook with the greatest app, this is it. I love this app.
  • Save your money. Go somewhere else.

    By Fovilla
    There just seems to be tons of bugs and issues with the sync between iPhone and MAC. The Macbook for some reason also wont auto fill your times. I have contacted support and they have been unable to find a solution for me. I've been using them since my CFI days. Recently they logbook did not back up as it should and I had to re-enter 100 lost hours. The level of frustration is real. To top things off they are pricey.
  • Such a shame

    By MercuryMat
    I admit this app is quite good, very stable, very customizable in many fields, very nice calculations of duties, time etc. The problem is that is only Mac, and not cross platform (Windows & Android). For the price, it is not worth it. There are free alternatives that do the same and in any case you'll need a paper logbook. In the end, After years of waiting and (personal) expectations in a cross platform development, I decided not to use it anymore, cause I cannot be related to one single system, especially when I'm not planning to use anymore any of its product (after 20 years). This is my personal opinion, but tank you Coradine for the nice product.

    By H.Autumn
    Since the developer somehow deleted my previous review, here is another. If I could give this company a 0, I would. Developer's email response to me basically said it was my fault that its report doesn't match the totals in my logbook. Custmer service and tech support are not great. MILITARY/AIRLINE PILOTS LOOK ELSEWHERE. Coradine is run by techies with limited pilot experience, and it shows in the clunkiness of this overpriced excel-esque product. Do yourself a favor and start somewhere else if this is your first electronic logbook experience.
  • Works but very slow support

    By Mattinoz
    I've used both the computer, Iphone and Ipad package for a long time. It's easy to enter flights but dates jump around when flights go over a GMT date when the flights are preloaded. They sell the software a being able to upload a schedlule from an airlines crew sceduling system but mine always loads a day off and won't fill much of the data, such as FO or duty on/off times. There are also other programs which pull the ship number, Out OFF On In times from the cloud. LogTen seems to be lacking this capability. Not a big issue but would be nice to have just in case I forget to close out the flight in my logbook. The biggest issue is support, or lack there of. They only offer email support. It takes a few days for them to get back to you. Every issue I've written about seems to be covered online and I write that I've completed the steps in the online support. Thtat doesn't stop them from telling me to follow the steps I've already completed. I then have to write back again and wait for them to get back to me. Right now I'm trying to renew the program but the software isn't giving me an option to renew. I'm on my third round of emails and am locked out-I can't add flights to the logbook. I'm without a logbook while they tell me to redo steps I've already tried. They don't seem to care if the software works for the customer, or not. Not what I expect for a program I pay over $100/ year to use. Luckily, I have another program I can use till they can figure out how I can pay them. I think I'd try the other programs before getting used to LogTen Pro.
  • Declining

    By Anon57685
    Been using LogTen for years…Paying every year blah blah, its to the point where the app doesnt even work anymore. Cutting the ties and switching.
  • Long time user increasingly disappointed

    By FlyinErin
    Where do I start? I was one of the early adopters of LTP many years ago. Back then the software was fine and the price was reasonable. As my career progressed, LTP has also made changes to their software. Unfortunately I feel they’ve gotten greedy. Rather than the 1-time fee for the software as it used to be, we now all get to pay annual to use the software we’d already bought! But it was a pivotal time in my flying career and I really needed easy access to my data. So I bought the subscription. Each year with new iOS upgrades and LTP upgrades it gets more complicated to use the program, to synch between my iPhone app and my MacBook to print logbook pages, etc. In Oct 2017 I had such issues and frustration about the lack of synching and the need to essentially buy a new MacBook (the old one worked fine but couldn’t run the latest iOS, making my LTP software obsolete), that Noah felt some of my pain and offered me a 20% off coupon to use for “future purchases”. Unfortuantley I can’t access that discount no matter what I try…. Today my subscription is about to auto-renew, but I haven’t been able to get my MacBook and my iPhone to synch with each other since January. When I tried to submit a comment for help on LTP’s Support page, it tells me they need to verify my email address (the same one that I’ve had for all the years I’ve been paying to use LTP). It tells me that it sent me an email (which I didn’t get). Then it says if I didn’t receive the email I’m to click the link to try again. But that just takes me to a “The Page You Are Looking For Can’t Be Found” page. Dead link. So I click on the “Verify Your Address” link, which also takes me to a dead page. How am I supposed to get the support I pay a lot of money for if I can’t even get my long-time address “verified” because the webpages are dead, which won’t let my quesiton be submitted?! As much as I want access to my 9,000 logged flight hours and my ability to input them on a flight-by-flight basis, I don’t believe the hefty (and regularly increasing) subscription fees LTP charges are worth it. My MacBook data won’t synch, I can’t submit a question for Support, the pricing structure says one thing in the Mac Store and another through the iPhone app’s “Settings” page. I want to consider downgrading to just the iPhone app since I can’t get my MacBook data to work anyway, but it won’t let me choose that option as a current Mac+iPhone+iPad subscriber. Current pricing plan or higher, it seems. What used to be a really great product has over time degraded in a few different aspects, gotten too expensive and it’s support staff too out of reach. I’d suggest you look elsewhere for your flight logging needs.