The Flight Tracker Pro

The Flight Tracker Pro

By International Airport Flight Track Technologies

The Flight Tracker Pro App Ratings: 4.5
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The Flight Tracker is the go-to app for managing and tracking your flights. It contains in depth information about all available flights and airlines; arrivals, departures, terminal & gates, delays, and much more. The Flight Tracker is the most convenient flight app you will find on the App Store....Your ultimate flight tracking tool. FLIGHTS • Track any flight in the world • Detailed Departure and Arrival information • Terminal and Gate information updated in real-time • Detailed Aircraft information & Seat Maps • Automatically synchronizes with your TripIt account • Plan your flights in Trips • Layover information is automatically displayed • Save and share your flight information via e-mail, text message, Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp ALERTS BY PUSH NOTIFICATION FOR • Scheduled & Actual Departure or Arrival Time changes • Gate and Terminal changes • Flight Status changes • You can also schedule Departure/Arrival reminders (don’t forget to pick up your friend!) AIRPORTS • Find any airport worldwide • Flight Board of all departures/arrivals per airport • Easy airport delay info • Map of all Flights to and from an airport • Terminal Maps for major airports • Extended Weather Forecast per Airport for up to 10 days AIRLINES • Find any airline worldwide • Detailed airline info • Flight Board and Map of all flights per airline MAPS • Zoomable Maps with live flight track info and weather service • Offline viewing features enabled for use in airplanes SHARING • Sync your flights between your devices using iCloud • Sync with your Calendar • Save personal notes, label your flights or store flight information of any flight you wish Don’t see your city or airport? Don’t worry. We are adding more on a regular base. Mail to and send your request! -- WE LOVE FEEDBACK! -- As always, we appreciate your feedback. Please keep sharing your experience to Do you love our app? Please rate and review us in the App Store! -- ENJOY YOUR TRIP --


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The Flight Tracker Pro App Reviews

  • Issue with iOS6

    By applehill
    This app was a great companion when I traveled for a living. Anyone who flies knows that when you land it can still be a while until you can get off the plane. Having this helps in saving time as I could get gate changes notices before I got off one flight. Getting updates on gate changes when I landed keeping from getting stuck in a group of people checking the monitors for flight updates. Maps of the airport was a much appreciated feature. I even helped people on the plane check their connections.
  • So reliable. Love it!

    By NancyAS50
    Always use this app and it never disappoints.
  • Should have left well enough alone... JMO

    By Kareenleedl
    Not sure why the need to change from the original ... I used it for years in my business... if I remember correctly it was free! Now I had to pay for the newer version - NOT A FAN. Wish I could have the original back .... I would PAY for it ! At least I would feel I am getting what I paid not! Also Miss the Airport flight boards 😔
  • The best flight tracking app!!!

    By kgfox
    I have been using Flight Tracker for a very long time. It is the best way to track a flight with accurate information. Try it you will be hooked on this app as much as I am.
  • Great utility for air travel

    By ruby2.8
    I have much appreciated Flight Tracker, not only for my flights but also those of family and friends. Flight Tracker provides rapid notice of touchdowns, gate changes and delays. Highly recommended.
  • Kind of works

    By steele160
    Does not give notifications/updates. Should be more user friendly !
  • Best. App. Ever.

    By 84mach
    I use this app multiple times a week. Sometimes multiple times a day. Fantastic app for professional travelers.
  • Flight Tracker

    By Pat from Bda
    This app is great. It is very handy and easy to use. Would recommend it to all.
  • Flight tracker

    By vassardaph
    So far so good. One has to know quite a bit about what one is looking for once that is done it’s very good thank you
  • Not accurate any more

    By Wilmenkeiko
    I'm disappointed! The flight+ is not accurate any more (was!). Because of that, I tried upgrade and had to buy the full version. Was I discovered that already had the full version!!!!!! They sold me "again"!!! Now I have "two" apps in my iPhone, that give me the very same information, what is not accurate, because never tells me when is delay or early the take off, or real time they are landing !!!! I know that because my husband is a pilot, I need know wen he take of and land.. And now I’m never there on the time to get him!!! It is so dissatisfied!! I'm so disappointed! And I paid twice! This is the worst! Other apps when I buy, never will let me buy the same app twice!!!!!!! Also, usually apps get better, no worth!!! I don't recommend any more, and wish my money back, to buy better app, from trustful companies.. Jan/02/2019.. the app now is better.. not 100% of the time, but most of the time.. but few days ago, they had a bad delay.. more then 12 hours, and the app did not upgrade it.. had no information about that delay.. in the app, the flight was normal.. at the time that the aircraft took off, the app was informing that the flight had already landed in the destination.. So, not very accurate yet..