Star Trek Fleet Command

Star Trek Fleet Command

By Scopely

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-11-29
  • Current Version: 1.7.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 234.70 MB
  • Developer: Scopely
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    4.5/5 ( 14,283 App Reviews)
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Star Trek Fleet Command App Ratings: 4.5
Based on 14,283 App Reviews

Star Trek Fleet Command App Details

Welcome to the Final Frontier! You have the conn! Summon your skills in strategy, combat, diplomacy, and leadership to master the dangerous universe of Star Trek Fleet Command. Enter a galaxy on the brink of war as Federation, Klingon, and Romulan forces vie for control of the Alpha and Beta quadrants. Discover an ancient secret that could tip the scales of power forever. As the commander of a starbase on the edge of civilized space, you will recruit iconic officers like James T. Kirk, Spock, and Nero - and build powerful ships including the Enterprise, the Romulan Warbird, and Klingon Bird of Prey. Join millions of players - forge alliances, defeat your enemies, and build an epic fleet to secure, or dominate, the galaxy. Explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations, boldly go where no one has gone before! Be prepared to: - Experience epic conflict in a vast, dynamic galaxy - Collect, build, and upgrade iconic ships - Take the conn and control ships in star system and galaxy views - Encounter famous Star Trek™ characters in an epic, galaxy-spanning storyline - Help locals, fight pirates, or negotiate peace in hundreds of unique missions - Recruit famous officers with unique, tactical abilities - Ally yourself with Federation, Klingon, or Romulan forces - Work with and against thousands of other players in real-time - Build, upgrade, and defend your starbase - Discover new technologies, ship upgrades, and resources - Decimate the Romulans, brawl with the Klingons or destroy the Federation; The choice is yours - Create or join powerful player Alliances to dominate star systems and become the most powerful players in the galaxy Key Features: - An open world, strategy MMO - Free to play - Stunning graphics - AR Filters allow you to bring your ship to life! Unlock a new filter with every new ship you build. - Iconic Star Trek™ characters, ships and tech - Fierce battles among the stars with players all over the world - A New, immersive Star Trek™ story in the Kelvin Timeline - Become the leader or member of a mighty alliance - Multiple language options Download Star Trek Fleet Command today and join millions all over the world. © 2018 Scopely, Inc. All rights reserved. TM & © 2018 CBS Studios Inc. © 2018 Paramount Pictures Corp. STAR TREK™ and related marks and logos are trademarks of CBS Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved.


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Star Trek Fleet Command App Reviews

  • Waste of time

    By Nrugs4
    It’s great fun... until level 10. Then the extremely bad pvp starts and it ruins everything. Pvp as it stands is awful (Essentially camping near popular spots and attacking players much lower in level so they cannot complete quests). It ruins the game and goes against the whole spirit of Star Trek. No tactical component. Just number crunching and poor battle visuals to accompany your stomping. It’s the only game I’ve ever asked to have my account deleted from. It’s bad. Just stay away.
  • So bad

    By eshallet
    Unless you are willing to dump hundreds of dollars into the game it you will just be chewed up by the people who pay to win there is zero balance utter garbage.
  • It was fun to a point

    By nickj6282
    I played a lot for a few days straight and had a lot of fun with it. It stopped being fun because once you level up to a certain point your ships become eligible for PvP combat. Sounds fun hypothetically, but in reality it just means that every few minutes some random jerk comes and destroys my ship for no reason and I have to stop playing for 25 minutes while I wait for it to be repaired. Of course I can speed up the repairs with a rapidly dwindling supply of consumables that I can re-supply with money if I choose. I would pay some small amount of money to get cool ships from the shows and movies, or to unlock the ability to play key missions from my favorite episodes (hello Battle of Wolf 359!) but I’m not shelling out real cash because some random person leveled way higher than me decides to attack for fun. Uninstalled. Goodbye and good luck.
  • Too P2W

    By NotArtfulDodger
    I really like this game, but as so many of the negative reviews has reflected, it is a way to pay to win cash grab style in order to keep a sustainable lower level player base. You do realize that about level 10 you’re just farm material for high-level players who have nothing better to do than to destroy your Orion Corvettes and mining ships with their recently acquired jellyfish they shelled out some bucks for. Individual cannot make it meaningful impact in the game, and only the alliances that have paying players for the best ships and upgrades are on top, leaving those at the bottom to fight over mining spots frivolously, which is also very hard to control. There’s no way for an alliance to defend a territory, and very little engagement with the Federation and cling on in Romulan faction interactions until much later on in the game. The missions are extremely bland and don’t really make sense. The story is not very interesting, and the characters don’t really add anything to the world that the player is Working in. While it is satisfying to be able to upgrade your station and see it grow, it is very discouraging to see so much player and fighting and lack of the games ability to encourage cooperation between players. There is literally nothing one player can help do for another except in an alliance to speed up timers. Alliances can also call out certain players on the global chat in an effort to target single individuals. Overall however, this is basically a free for all game without much power to compete with, scarce resources, and lack of world building. I find this ironic for Star Trek game, with galaxies to interact with and build upon. The lower should lend it self interesting enough, but even this regard fails.
  • Concerns about value for money

    By Goatrodeo
    I’ve made several in game purchases that were fun while they lasted (which wasn’t long). Compared to other online games like Clash of Clans or Star Wars Commander, this game seems much slower and rather boring unless you spend money...and more money...and yet more money. Within the game, for some upgrades, you must mine ridiculous amounts of ore or gas only to not refine (in the refinery) the uncommon form of the product - which, of course, you can buy at the store! Bad Robot should be ashamed. During the game while mining, you are attacked numerous times by bully players. I love Star Trek but this seems a cash grab. I don’t understand how it got so many stars average based on what I’ve seen so far, and I’m at level 14.
  • Systems

    By destroyer2008
    I hate how you have to switch systems before you can do the missions in different systems
  • Buggy Mess

    By _Devo_
    First, the reviews of this must be complete BS. There is no way this game deserves 4.5+ stars. Apple should look into these falsified ratings. This game is not ready for prime time. It requires constant restarts due to some feature or another crashing. Ships will get stuck and be unable to repair, ships will be destroyed in your “hangar” when you log back in, etc, etc, etc. There are also no chat moderators, no forums, and no communication from the dev team. Could be 4-5 stars. But right now we are just Beta testers, and they have the nerve to charge people money at this stage.
  • Stfleet

    By Kgreen3974
    Confused at first but it gets easier the more it’s worked
  • Review

    By mcclelrj
    Game would be great if combat wasn’t simulated but rather user controlled
  • Está bien cool

    By Niggativitron
    Voy empezando y esos pocos minutos me gustaren demasiado.