Last Shelter: Survival

Last Shelter: Survival


  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-02-19
  • Current Version: 1.250.126
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 361.79 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    4.5/5 ( 10,083 App Reviews)
  • Price:
Last Shelter: Survival App Ratings: 4.5
Based on 10,083 App Reviews

Last Shelter: Survival App Details

-Real Time Nation vs. Nation post-apocalyptic strategy war game. Join now! Your Country needs you! [Last Shelter: Survival] is a Massive Multi-Player, Real-Time strategy war game. The player will take upon the role of a leader of a small settlement in a world devastated by a zombie apocalypse. Build your own wasteland empire, train your troops, recruit legendary heroes and join your allies in the non-ending war even in the end of humanity. To befriend or to plunder, the choice is yours! Unique Features -World Wide War Real-time combat against players across the world, lead your country to greatness -Realistic Graphics The Map, The World, Your City, The Units, The Heroes, Everything just seems, REAL -Build Your Wasteland Empire Absolute Freedom City Building, upgrade your facilities, research your technologies, train your troops and recruit powerful heroes to strengthen your empire! -Hero System Whether you like to engage your enemies at a distance, take them on at close quarters, or you enjoy developing your base at home, there are TONS of heroes that can help you with just that! -Strategic Gameplay One set of units just simply cannot dominate, Fighters, Shooters and Vehicles, You have to know your enemy and yourself to walk the battlefield of this world. -Alliance Warfare Whether it’s going against different servers, or fighting for the title of the president at home, your alliance will always be backing you up, as long as you find the right people of course. [Real Reviews] “The game is really just a platform to meet friends from all over the world.” “Ever joined a group of Russians and waged war against the entire North America? I’m American!” “Joined a Mexican alliance, learned how to speak Spanish, got raided by Turks, and Canadians came and helped us, 9/10 would play again.” Join us on Facebook


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Last Shelter: Survival App Reviews

  • Sheesh, can’t even turn off world chat talk gibberish

    By Elehmann47
    I can’t believe that some games like this one doesn’t even have a option to turn the world chat channel. People just talk too much like that it’s annoying. Give an option to turn off the world talk chat crap. Honestly, how hard is it?
  • don’t waste your time

    By notadonna
    big players spam attack small players & ruin the game, and the studio obviously favors the jerks in every possible way: there’s no restriction against attacking bases way weaker than you, no cooldown required between attacks, no way to move where they can’t get you, no way to report players. they don’t even let you delete your base so if you quit the game your resources can still be stolen by the same jerks who ruined the game for you. i figured out a loophole for that tho: delete your roads before leaving the game. this cuts off access to your resource storage so you can only store about 500k resources, but if you’ve leveled up enough tech then your depot protection will cover more than that
  • Clickbait! A very misleading advertising game

    By Amdi Thiam
    I downloaded this game thinking it was like an actual shelter game like « Fallout Shelter». I’ve seen ads that makes this game like a tower defense type of game which is a genre that I’m a fan of, but this game is just a boring strategy pay to win money wasting type of games. And sometimes, it advertises itself like an action shooter type of game. It’s honestly none of those... just a clickbait to get downloads and your time wasted. Apple should definitely do something about those false advertisements. Sure they’re all about zombies but the genres shown on the ads aren’t the same with the actual game. 1 star off for boringness, 1 star off for being a paid to win, 1 star off for misleading and 1 star off for lying. DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT.
  • $$$

    By Badazz1488
    More pay to play garbage. Can’t get anywhere because you never stop getting attacked by much larger players who steal all of your stuff. It’s garbage, not fun at all.
  • Addicting BUTTTT!!

    By Angelo7474
    This game is very addicting and very fun but my issue with this game is the customer service is absolutely horrible. They have no problem taking your money but whenever there is a glitch or an issue where you lose resources such as diamonds their answer is sorry we can’t do anything about it. When you can’t get back into your account it’s sorry we can’t help you. They have a button that says recover lost account which you click and still you get no help no resolution to the issue. I’ve spent a crazy amount of my own hard cash on this game and the game froze and it took over 4000 diamonds for me to which the response was sorry we can’t do anything about that but we want to help you. Well I got no help. So again the game is great it’s fun to play but try not to spend your money because if something happens you’re losing it. Oh and before I forget if you are upgrading a resource from level eight to level nine it takes Minimalresources and about an hour but when you upgrade from 16-17 it takes a day and a half and about 4 million of each resource. So the game starts to get a little ridiculous. You also have bullies who have so much power they bully other groups to become their henchmen and before you know it they take over a state because other groups aren’t big enough to fight them. They shouldn’t be able to have unlimited subgroups and or too much power
  • Spelling

    By thepulvergirl
    I noticed some words were misspelled, should go through and fix it. I’ve been playing for a couple minutes and already don’t care for it.
  • Ok game, bad advertisement and mechanics

    By blkgnsis
    The ads for this game are very misleading. Much of what appears to have segments such as a tower defense game actually do not exist. The game itself is very limiting in that you are stuck in the world “community” you joined unless you move to a new world which means you have to restart. Obviously if you pay you can do it much quicker and easier. Overall it can be fun to play, but I feel that the mechanics and advertisements are ill minded and false hence the one star.
  • f2p newbies don’t stand a chance

    By Jimber Bamber
    unless you are willing to pay real money, don’t bother! there is no cap on higher level players from attacking your city, don’t say you weren’t warned!
  • False graphics are presented

    By Cyclonepixie
    FB post shows sims/fallout shelter type of game.
  • Fun in the beginning, bullying is theme after.

    By Shermysf
    Games start fine. As you progress beyond level 6, bullying starts happening. You are constantly be attacked by higher levels. It’s get to the point where you want to quit. Not entirely pay for play but pretty close to it.