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  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-03-13
  • Current Version: 3.1.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 255.70 MB
  • Developer: MagicAnt,Inc
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    4.5/5 ( 1,967 App Reviews)
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Jumpr! App Ratings: 4.5
Based on 1,967 App Reviews

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Tap to jump! Jump to rise higher.


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  • What

    By Colbsalot
    I want some more challenges come on this game is to easy. Try and find the difference. 馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槞馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜馃槜 4th row 4th emoji Try and find the difference again. 馃懇鈥嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈ㄢ嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢别煈┾嶐煢眛o easy to easy to easy. Again
  • are you kidding me

    By EMILYYYyyy...
    I love the game! im so obsessed with it and I was so good at it. above level 200, played everyday. ive been playing it all day today and i went back to play more and now IT RESET MY PROGRESS TO LEVEL 1!! Im soo mad and I never hit any restart button or anything. all of a sudden i closed out of the app for 5 mins and when i went back everything was gone!!
  • Best game ever

    By bfhdgt
    This game is so much fun and it鈥檚 so easy
  • Fun game

    By BC@6182
    Coolest game ever Y鈥檃ll have to get it right here now and then you can do anything else you want. Ok thanks
  • Amazing game

    By clutch1124
    I love cant stop playing this game
  • Dead

    By ZZMom
    fun for my grandkids best game ever love fortnight
  • To many ads

    By Dorien66
    I hate when your in the middle of a level and a ad pops up like I鈥檓 trying to get the 10000 score ball but every time I鈥檓 close bam! A ad and it always causes me to die if this problem don鈥檛 get fixed I鈥檓 deleting the game
  • Best jumping ball game out there

    By Wonderlustwarriors
    This game is super addicting I played it for like 2 hours the first night I got it. Sort of like helix jump but way more interesting since it鈥檚 a platform game where you can travel up and across. I like the endless mode
  • Ads cause gameplay issues

    By Nickinator the awesome
    Several times, ads have interrupted a run while I鈥檓 setting a high score, causing me to lose and restart. I鈥檓 ok with ads, as it raises money for the developer, but it shouldn鈥檛 affect the gameplay. Occasionally I have to force close the app because apps cause it to crash. If you鈥檙e going to have ads, please make sure that people can still play your game around the ads. Deleted app due to this issue.
  • Mediocre Game, Inappropriate ads.

    By Needs better dating!
    The game itself is fine, if not a little repetitive. However, there are very inappropriate ads on this game. There was a girl twerking in front of a camera for an unskipable ad. This is not ok. Children will play this game.