Modern Strike Online — FPS gun shooter

Modern Strike Online — FPS gun shooter

By Game development ltd

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-05-17
  • Current Version: 1.20.4
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 653.58 MB
  • Developer: Game development ltd
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    4/5 ( 909 App Reviews)
  • Price:
Modern Strike Online — FPS gun shooter App Ratings: 4
Based on 909 App Reviews

Modern Strike Online — FPS gun shooter App Details

Cooperative online war action shooter with modern graphics and dynamic multiplayer battles! Are you a fan of good old counter terrorist action and war actions? Well here's some striking news for you. We're ready to change the idea of free online iOS multiplayer action army bullet shooters. Jaw-dropping graphics and optimization even for low-spec devices. Armed confrontation force begins this spring on your smartphone! Be part of the vanguard on the battlefield of Modern Strike Online! Confront your enemy – it’s time to blitz 'em on the battlefield! - 6 FPS combat modes and the ability to create your own action war games with your own rules for you and your friends! - Choose from 11 different maps to try different tactics and find your enemy’s weak spots! - 70 types of weapons and gadgets, including pistols, machineguns, sniper, sub-machineguns, grenades and body armor! - Fully-customizable weapons: change their color, barrels, stocks and scopes! - Win a round and give someone a free headshot at sniper arena! With regular updates and new game additions waiting for you, this year’s best graphics and perfectly matched audio will have you fighting it out in action war Modern Strike Online game!


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Modern Strike Online — FPS gun shooter App Reviews

  • Let me get this Straight

    By SpikeyTH16
    To the 1 star haters( or liars) that are saying the positive reviews are “fAkE”, let me answer this with a reply, “F**K NO THEY ARE NOT. Some are saying those are fake accounts, or the developers, ARE YOU LIARS F🚫🚫KING HIGH. Because 1. The developers don’t write their own reviews on games, they have thoughts on them seeing if it’s good or not. 2. There are no F🚫🚫KING FAKE ACCOUNTS because Apple might verify the email to see if they’re not a bot so they can see if they are a human. And you also said that it’s a P2W, What do you think this is, Pixel Gun 3D ? And some said It’s a Waste of your time, Then don’t F🚫🚫KING PLAY IT NO MORE! Geez you always write these reviews like you have a bad internet connection or play it like a Noob. And some said this is buggy because they need to get a job so they can get a new device. Well the developers are trying to make this game a big deal and you haters have to screw this one up. If you hate it just play something else like Bullet force, Guns of Boom or Forward Assault. Or if you want to be Babies just play Pixel Gun 3D. To the Developers (and the rest): great inspiration from bullet force, don’t get me wrong but there’s some bugs to fix and etc. If this is your first time go ahead, you won’t be stopped
  • Ok, but...

    By Tan&wina
    The game is cool and all but difficult, facing players with better weapons and equipment is hard and unfair most of the attachments for the guns is only gold same to buy better guns
  • Cmon, man!

    By Zeglitt
    This game USED to be the best FPS on mobile. I have played almost all the FPS games on mobile and this was one of the best. Amazing graphics, controls, gameplay, customization, etc. But once you get past a certain level, it hits a paywall. I could empty an entire 10 FRIGGIN SHOTS from a SHOTGUN in to a guys HEAD, and he wouldn’t die. It’s not lag. It’s the PTW armor. If this is fixed, this would be the only game I play.

    By Ghost on this
    This game is extremely laggy, to the point where p2p players with op snipers headshot you through walls and everyone freezes every what feels like 3 seconds. Match making is bad enough in most games but it seems as though the other team is full of p2p people and yours is just regular people or absolutely nobody. EXTREME P2P PROBLEM. You even re spawn INSIDE OTHER PLAYERS, or at least in the same area whereas they stab you in your back.
  • Rip Off Upgrade Points

    By Lucky Strike77
    When you try to upgrade the points hardly ever apply. This is frustrating especially when you pay in the game. I just received 3 upgrade points and they all “failed”. How is this even an option?
  • Android & IOS error

    By JF120X
    Are you serious? We can’t play against people that have Android.. I tried playing with my little brother and he has an Android tablet and it keeps repeating “error custom ID not found”
  • Concern

    By Balldontlie21
    I really love this game and all but if I have an account already with google play can I not get that account on Game Center?
  • Not Worth Playing It

    By MCVS Reviewer
    Alright, to start off with, the “game” is laggy as all hell. I’m mean people are popping around like they’re popcorn, that’s how bad the network is for this “game.” Second, you can’t kill anything, for example I shot someone point blank with a shotgun in the head, which in almost every other game, would be a kill. However in this “game,” the guy takes it unloads an uzi in me in less than a millisecond and I’m insta-dead. And even if you do get the kill it’s after you’re already dead, and the network finally sends the message to the other guy that you were shooting at that they were killed. So their guy looks like they just fall over dead for no reason even though you have been dead for about 3 to 5 seconds, by that point. Third, the characters, in third person at least, are only modeled to hold long guns, so no matter what you are using, you hold it like a long gun. Pistol? Holds it like a rifle. Uzi? Holds it like a Rifle. The knife has it own model/animation which looks awful. Fourth, the games physics are nonexistent, you’ll see people with flashlights through walls across the maps, which isn’t saying much because the maps at the size of a bathroom in a small house. Fifth, you can’t vault over anything, because you can’t jump. Sixth, the matchmaking is basically nonexistent. Seventh, weapons cost way to many credits, the first shotgun is 8,000 credits in game. Attachments are really expensive cost around 700 gold. Eighth, the graphics and sound are horrendous, your guy makes the same noise, the main menu has some of the old Mario games music in it for some reason. I’m pretty sure they ripped the sound effect for when you throw a grenade from Counter Strike. And the maps are poorly designed. All-in-all this “game” is like a dumpster fire. Just, don’t play it.
  • Can’t do anything

    By Tjpoindexter
    I can’t even update or download anything even if it’s free like come in with the pending purchases just cancel
  • Upgrade

    By keke🤷🏿‍♂️
    I need to knw why each time I try upgrading my gun it always shows failure at least let me get it to 20, idk why But the lack of inefficient guns, and the lack of upgrades even tho u have 32 upgrades it still show failure 🤦🏿‍♂️🤔 Which makes no sense I’m a gamer and I really like this game I just wanna knw why u won’t allow me ( players of the game) to upgrade my gun