Lovestruck Choose Your Romance

Lovestruck Choose Your Romance

By Voltage Entertainment USA, Inc.

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-03-01
  • Current Version: 3.1.105
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 139.36 MB
  • Developer: Voltage Entertainment USA, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    4/5 ( 904 App Reviews)
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Lovestruck Choose Your Romance App Ratings: 4
Based on 904 App Reviews

Lovestruck Choose Your Romance App Details

Lovestruck is your portal to the greatest interactive romance stories! Your happily ever after may just be one choice away! Choose your romance across multiple series, each of which was created to put you at the center of the action! You’ll get to decide who you want to fall in love with from a wide selection of unique characters! Current series available are: HAVENFALL'S FOR LOVERS: Vampires, Werewolves, and Demons, oh my! Life in a small town seems so simple until your sister goes missing, and the only ones willing to help you are supernatural beings! Trusting a monster takes bravery and courage, and maybe just a little bit TO LOVE & PROTECT: When you're the First Daughter, love comes second. One minute you are a normal college student, the next, you are the secret love child of the President of the United States! When you are attacked by your father's enemies you are assigned a Secret Service team to protect you.But who's going to protect your heart from them!? STARSHIP PROMISE: Discover a galaxy of love! When your home colony falls to enemy forces, you're forced to seek help from an unlikely crew of... space outlaws?! There's no shortage of danger as you fight with them through the universe to save your colony. But the further you go, the more you come to realize that in space, love is limitless. SPEAKEASY TONIGHT: Welcome to the Roaring 20s! After one too many wild parties, your parents ship you off to your uncle in Chicago. You soon find yourself deep in the glamorous but dangerous world of the speakeasy, filled with illegal booze and hot jazz and even hotter romance! LOVE & LEGENDS: When worlds collide, do hearts follow? Downtown Chicago disappears after lightning strikes and is replaced by... is that a castle?! Apprehended and accused of crimes you didn't commit, you're left with a choice. Tie your fate to one of five fantasy heroes, or perish. But soon enough, it's not just your life on the line - it's your heart. ASTORIA: FATE’S KISS: The fate of the world will change with just one kiss! Gods and Monsters living among humans can be a dangerous matter... Good thing your agency exists to keep them in line. With big dreams and an even bigger heart, you aspire to climb the agency's ladder until one day five mythical beings ask for your help! GANGSTERS IN LOVE: Falling in love with a gangster is a dangerous choice… You're leading an ordinary life in sunny California when suddenly you get kidnapped by LA's most wanted gang! Thrown into the extravagant life of these stylish but dangerous gangsters, you must choose one of them to watch over you...but who can you trust? Living in the gang's world isn’t easy, yet in the face of all the shootouts and explosions, an undeniable attraction begins to form… CASTAWAY! LOVE’S ADVENTURE: Is it love, or survival? You’re a journalist hired onto a special cruise ship by a reclusive millionaire with unknown motivations. You think everything is going great, but when the weather takes a turn for the worse, your dream job becomes your worst nightmare! Now you’re stranded on a tropical island with nothing but your wits and 5 sexy strangers.You’re trying to focus on survival but things start to get heated… are these feelings real or is the island sun getting to you?


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Lovestruck Choose Your Romance App Reviews

  • Amazing except...

    By LeafeonEX21
    I love this app, I truly do. But sometimes I Wait TWO HOURS for one pass, and also, what if you don’t want to pay for hearts? You should make it so it only costs tickets to get the mini stories, you’re losing users because of this issue. Please fix it.
  • Great stories at EXPENSIVE AF PRICES!

    By His♡Hachiko™
    Seriously, this app has great stories. I love Saerys, Astraeus, Antares, Orion, and Edgar, but their stories come at a steep price; we're talking Mt. Everest steep! There's so many other characters I'd love to read like Diego, Alan, Mateo, Joaquin, etc., BUT the two problems I have below have kept me from checking any other stories out. First off, let me explain the ticket system. Every two hours you get one ticket, meaning you can read one chapter of a storyline of your choosing. Each character has 12 chapters in a season, and most characters have more than one season currently available. You can wait for hours to read a reasonable length chapter, or fork out $4.99+Tax to read one whole season. This sounds fair right? Well, my problem with it is, once you read that chapter, you have to use another ticket to read it again! You're essentially only paying a one time pass to read! Whether you pay to read or wait 2 hours, you're doing one or the other to enjoy that chapter again, and sorry sweetheart, but you don't get to select which chapter to re-read - you have to start ALL over again from the beginning! Fortunately though (or for some, unfortunately), this app glitches like once every month or two, and in order to make up for it, VoltageUSA usually gives out 2 free tickets as compensation. Hooray for that! Moving on to the loathing part two: THE HEART SYSTEM. This is the heart of the issue I have with this app, pun not intended, but enjoy! Each chapter you will be prompted with choice interactions on how you want the story to progress in that particular scene. In order to receive the steamy and/or romantic options, you have to use hearts to select them. Otherwise, you can read hum drum stories free by choosing a lesser interactive option. Each heart option ranges from 15-25 hearts to select (why it's not a set amount I.DON'T.KNOW), but all in all, you'll be paying out around $19.99 to choose all the heart options by the end of that ONE season for that ONE character, and that's if you're lucky enough to have gained hearts from their daily game or won one of their rare drawing contests. They DO have a fun little daily flip card game each day where you can win up to 6 hearts a day, so if you're patient, you can wait a few months, and THEN read that season you've been drooling over. I mean... It'll be worth the wait, right? <.< >.> RIGHT?! Honestly, this app is a money pit. You'll throw lots into it if you get wrapped up in it, and what you do get for your buck is temporary. If you want great stories for cheap/fair prices of $0.99-$3.99 each (some are even entirely free to read!) that are REALLY yours to read as much as you want, download Love365 or any other app from Voltage, and stay clear from Voltage USA. When they make their prices more reasonable, I'll invest more money into this app, because as it stands, I'd have to win the lottery to read all the stories I want to😒
  • My favorite

    By sangel_7
    Out of all the choice stories apps this is my favorite. I love that it doesn’t affect the story if you don’t have a lot of hearts. But also you have plenty of chances to earn hearts unlike some apps. Your stories are clean and exciting. There a few stories that I had paid for in voltage entertainment USA apps that I hope you decide to put in this app eventually but right I’m busy ready the first seasons of almost every story. And I have a lot to read. I like that you have two credits and they come back fairly quickly. Great app.
  • Ummm...

    I love this app so much it’s great and offers a verity if things to do but I recently got a new phone and when i tried to transfer my data it didn’t? It recognized that it was my account and it said that I had data from another game but wouldn’t download it. I am very confused about what to do. My account was tied to facebook so my data should be there. I was almost done with the first season of gangsters in love and I would appreciate not having to start over.
  • This app is amazing

    By StephThis
    Thank you so much for giving me an actual series of wonderful stories that support my sexuality. I haven't been able to find many stories that give you the opportunity to date guys and girls. I wish the ticket time was shorter because I love your stories and I can't wait to play them, but I understand people can't read the chapters so fast because that will put pressure on your writers. The choices are pretty expensive too, well the hearts at least. This is one of my favorite games and other than that the ticket time and the heart situation it is amazing 😋 UPDATE: I still love this game, the stories are amazing and so are your writers and the illustrations as well, but I’ve saved up hearts for many things and I keep losing them because I accidentally click on the top option, can there be like a confirmation or something because it’s hard no to lose my hearts that I’ve saved up. Thank you
  • Best Interactive Story App

    By cherylyntrg
    I have tried several different choice-type apps and this one is definitely the best. The stories are well written and addictive. It doesn’t require in app purchases to be thoroughly enjoyed. They clearly care about their consumers as well because they give free items to make up for technical problems (even though I have never even noticed problems). Highly recommend.
  • Awesome but few suggestions (sorry)

    By Reversewalrus
    So I love this game it's amazing and I've been playing for weeks but 3 things one it takes way to long to get 1 ticket (2 1/2 hours seriously) a 2 can we get a male main character in a story (seriously need some bxb action up in here) and finally it’d be cool if their was a superhero story
  • Bring back cast away

    By maverickqueen
    I got so into the castaway storyline so disappointed that they aren’t continuing on the episodes. I have so many thoughts and ideas of how they could bring it back.
  • Saerys

    By cootie kit
    Loved loved love love love hiiiiimmmmmmmm why can't he be real btw first story last chapter in kinda slow..................
  • Quick question

    By IttyBittyHappy
    I’ve been wondering this for a while. How can you gain more in game “money” or that heart currency?