Gods and Glory: Throne wars

Gods and Glory: Throne wars

By WARGAMING Group Limited

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2016-11-15
  • Current Version: 3.7.1
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 173.53 MB
  • Developer: WARGAMING Group Limited
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    4/5 ( 782 App Reviews)
  • Price:
Gods and Glory: Throne wars App Ratings: 4
Based on 782 App Reviews

Gods and Glory: Throne wars App Details

Build an empire and clash with other players from across the world in epic MMO battles. Gods and Glory is the ultimate mobile strategy game with over 3 million players from 130 countries. Dive into the heat of battle with your heroes, conquer new lands for valuable resources, build a sprawling capital and harness the power of the gods… these are only some of the exciting adventures that await you in Gods & Glory! FEATURES: - FIGHT in unique role playing battles - BUILD & DEFEND your capital from incoming invasions - CONQUER the neighbouring realms for useful resources - RULE and expand your empire as you wish - UNITE in powerful alliances with friends and fellow players from over 130 countries - SUMMON the power of six different gods and harness their powers in battle Join the official game community and participate in our competitions to snag valuable prizes! http://www.facebook.com/godsandgloryofficial PLEASE NOTE! Gods and Glory: Age of Kings is free to download and install. However, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings. You can also get one of our digital subscriptions. A network connection is also required. DIGITAL SUBSCRIPTIONS Auto-renewing subscriptions grant you great game benefits. The following types of subscription are available: - Individual “Conqueror” subscription per 1 month for 4,99 USD. - Individual “Demigod” subscription per 1 month for 24,99 USD. - Individual “Godlike” subscription per 1 month for 99,99 USD. - Alliance “Patron” subscription per 1 month for 4,99 USD. Once you subscribe, the funds will be automatically deducted from your iTunes account at the end of the subscription period. The payment for the subscription will be processed within 24 hours before the current subscription expires. The subscription may be canceled in your iTunes account settings immediately after the purchase, but not later than 24 hours before the current subscription expires. If the subscription is canceled, its bonuses remain active for the paid period. Warriors, we’re unable to reply to your AppStore reviews, but you’re welcome to send us your questions and feedback via the “Report a problem” form in the game settings as well as via our app page. Your feedback is highly appreciated! Privacy Policy http://legal.na.wargaming.net/?Privacy-Policy User Agreement http://legal.na.wargaming.net/?EULA


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Gods and Glory: Throne wars App Reviews

  • Waiting on update for iOS 12

    By D_Jaxx22
    If you updated your iPhone to iOS 12 you might find the game now runs pretty sluggish. Screen freezes pretty regularly (which is great when there’s a march incoming) so you will find yourself going back and forth between G&G and your home screen. And typing in game is now unbearable due to it taking probably a second or two per letter to appear. Said they are aware of the issue but there has been no update on an incoming fix.
  • Gods and glory

    By dremmek
    Fun at first but you have to pay if you want to get anywhere..and it’s rediculously expensive. Don’t waste your money
  • Do not download!

    By talelxix
    Don’t just look at the stars, read the comments. Look at their Facebook page filled with complaints. This game is trash, because the developers are beyond greedy and destroyed the game that used to be good
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    By antonsteppa
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  • On the way out

    By Mordeyrn
    I’ve played this game over 600 consecutive days. It used to be a lot of fun with plenty to do and a vibrant community. The devs have made some unfortunate choices that have taken most of the enjoyment out of the game and the game has been losing players in droves in recent weeks. First, they made wholesale changes to one class of troops. While the devs claimed it was an improvement, most players saw it as a money grab by forcing players to start over with a different troop type. Second, rather than add content, the devs focused on creating “tournaments” and other events using the same content. This is lazy form of development at best. Third, repeated nerfing of troops in the guise of pvp rebalancing. Anyone who has played MMOGs for any length of time recognizes repeated nerfing as the beginning of the end for the game. Most recently, the devs revamped the xp system for heroes and generals. The dev team has offered no real explanation for the change, but it essentially makes it impossible for new or mid-level players to ever reach the highest levels without spending hundreds of dollars on in-game boosts. The standard dev response to complaints is to cite the EULA and remind us that we can buy subscriptions for $5-$100 per month to earn more xp. Long story short. Most players are either leaving the game or just hanging around because there isn’t a better game out yet. The devs are money-grabbing corporate excuse jockeys who had a great game and ruined it with their poor choices
  • Gods idea, but game management could be better

    By +TarasBulba+
    I really enjoyed this game until recently when developers decided to make regular update. I understand it was attempt to improve the game, but, boy, I don’t enjoy it anymore. I hope that developers can hear players, and they will find courage to accept that last update was big mistake. Many people left the game already, so please, revise XP gaining by hero.
  • Was a great game what a waste

    By Argjim
    I don’t normally write reviews. I spent a lot of time and effort to get to the point I’m at. After the new update getting to lv 50 is easy. To get beyond that is harder and harder to impossible for very experienced players. They screwed up the math on this big time. You get almost the same exp for lv1 mines as lv13. To try to lv up is a waste of lots of time. Which makes this game a waste of time if not fixed

    By Xxperience
    The bags with influence of capitals became so big issue. You never know what will happen next with your alliance. Example for support team: 172932. You play 3 days with investing hundreds of dollars and then some bug kills all your and your team effort. Poor coding. Poor support team reaction. I am leaving this game because of bugs. Top player EXXP
  • Disappointed

    By eodlunchbox
    I will tell you that I love this game. It has all the components that I really enjoy in a game such as this. However, it’s getting a 1 star rating due to the development team. There have been several “updates” to this game. First, they changed the mechanics of certain troops. Ok, I get it. They were a tad overpowered, but easily worked around with appropriate strategies. Then they changed the mechanics of troops that they changed the mechanics of. They made a mistake, and made super overpowering troops. Again, easily worked around with proper strategies, but I get it. Then they took away bastions for xp farming. This being a year after servers open. Sure, I get it. Bastions aren’t meant to be farmed for xp, but people had done it for over a year. All these changes had people in an uproar, of course, but that doesn’t deserve a one star rating. The next update, does. They have reduced the available xp that you can gain, per action, with your hero and generals by 80-90% and increased the amount you must gain (after lvl 50) by about 15%. This is in an attempt to equal the new and older players playing field, so they say. However, it’s all but impossible for newer players to reach lvl 100 (max) now. They say that pvp battles will bring in more xp, but it doesn’t. They say they listen to their players, but they ultimately haven’t. They made a slight change to the xp system a few days after update, but it really hasn’t changed a thing. I’m not sure why they changed the xp system. I haven’t seen one post as to why the system needed to be changed, or what was wrong with old system. I love this game a lot. I really do, but now they’ve made it to where it’s next to impossible to max tech/hero lvls unless you’re willing to pay $1000s of dollars or you have 4 or more years to play the game. For this, I rate you a 1 Star. For this I may be leaving my favorite game for good. Edit: The below developers comment is what they think is right. It still doesn’t explain why XP is cut by 80-90%. It doesn’t say why they waited almost two years to make this adjustment. Also, they could have left xp numbers the same and readjusted which units have what. I would be happy to see them do this. Their community is in an uproar. They’ve said that they buffed pvp, but it’s through a tech that you have to spend weeks researching, and the added 50% pvp exp is nice. However, when your looking at 5 million plus exp to level a hero and your getting barely 1k-2k per pvp battle, that 50% buff you get is laughably lackluster at best. I also just noticed the developers response is copy and pasted from every other review about recent update. So there’s that too
  • Clueless development team

    By Devs are horrible
    Current rating is deceiving. Read the most recent reviews. Recent update made it impossible for anyone not already at the very top to ever catch up. Even if you want to spend a lot of money you probably won’t catch up with how current system is. Not a good time to start this game. Find something else to play. Most of chat in game at this point is about quitting if XP system isn’t fixed. And devs are clueless and don’t seem to care about their customers. At least 80 to 90% of current players are complaining about new system, and if you go look at devs response to recent reviews about XP system it is a boiler plate response with no variation at all. They probably barely read the reviews.